My Promise to You and Your Pets

Spirit Pet Care has certain policies put in place to ensure quality care is given to your pets at all times. They also ensure that you, as the owner, have an understanding of what I provide and how I differ from the rest.

  • ONE TO ONE DOG WALKING ONLY – I want to ensure your dog(s) are getting time and care that is dedicated to them only. By offering affordable one to one walks, I can adapt each walk to your dog(s) specific needs. Rescue dogs, lead training, socialising training/toleration, etc. are worked on my walks at no extra cost, making my service far more than just a dog walking service. Up to 3 dogs from the same household can be walked at a time if desired (this depends on the dogs).

  • NO OFF LEAD POLICY – accidents happen and situations change, I understand that, and this is why this policy is put in place. I have a 30ft hard wearing long line (NOT an extendable) that is used - made by Spirit Rhythm Beads and Leads - which gives your dog(s) the freedom to run and play but with the added security and confidence for you.

  • MY OWN HANDMADE LEADS – I use my own handmade yacht rope leads on all of the dogs I walk. I do not use extendable leads as I am not confident in their strength. I will either use my own shorter leads (1.5M) or long lines (30ft).​​

  • I DO NOT TRANSPORT YOUR PETS IN A VAN – if you would like your dog transported somewhere different for a walk, or if your pet needs a trip to the vets, etc. I will use my car with a fitted dog seat belt and non slip hammock car seat cover. It will be transport for your pets(s) only.



I specialise in horses after working with them for over 10 years...


I have 5 dogs of my own and have owned dogs all my life. My little Spanish rescue is a little trick dog...


Cat or Dog Person? I love both. I have owned cats for over 15 years...

Other Pets

I'm not phased by any pet and will gladly help. Experience with many for over 10 years now...

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