The Services I Offer: Price List

Why do I work with animals?

Simply, I enjoy being around animals and feel I have a very strong connection with them. I have a calming influence and want to help both owners and their pets feel at ease whilst they are away. Having all sorts of animals myself, ranging from the very small to very big, I know how hard it is to leave them and trust someone else to care for them. It is this reason I aim to give a service I would expect with my own animals. I love absolutely all pets no matter how 'weird and wonderful' and I am confident around all.

CANCELLATIONS/ALTERATIONS: All cancellations/alterations for dog walks are to be made within 48hours. I understand there will be times when this is out of your control but please bear in mind slots I book up generally can't be filled with any shorter notice. Any cancellations/alterations of booked slots for walking made any less than 48hours are to be paid in full. House sits / visits will require a 25% NON refundable deposit to hold your dates on booking. Dates will not be held for you unless a deposit is paid.

FREE Meet & Greet/Consultation

Free meet and greets/consultations apply to all of my services offered. The idea is to come and meet your pets, yourself, and of course for you to meet me (looking at paperwork which I always supply). I will not take on any new clients unless a consult is given as I feel this process makes a very big difference in any future relationship/work between myself and your pets.


Whether you have a new puppy, kitten or just need visits for your adult pets during the day, I can pop in. This service is perfect if you do not require long walks/full house sitting but need your pets seen to whilst you are away or out for the day. Whether for dogs, cats, reptiles or caged animals such as hamsters, rabbits, rats, birds, etc. I am completely comfortable and able. The visits include (whichever options you require), feeding/watering and cleaning of feed/kennel area, cleaning litter tray/cage, a short toilet walk, play and general love and fuss, bringing in your post, opening/closing curtains and turning lights on/off, etc.. Please get in touch today with your requirements and I will be happy to help.

£10 - up to 20 minute visit
With large amounts of animals, cost of this service may vary.


Just feeding service is great if you have pets that are quite happy with just being fed and watered whilst you are away for a short amount of time and will not require cleaning (for example cats that have cat flaps or caged pets such as hamsters/rabbits).

£7 - per 'feed only' visit
With large amounts of animals, cost of this service may vary.
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I specialise in horses after working with them for over 10 years...


I have 5 dogs of my own and have owned dogs all my life. My little Spanish rescue is a little trick dog...


Cat or Dog Person? I love both. I have owned cats for over 15 years...

Other Pets

I'm not phased by any pet and will gladly help. Experience with many for over 10 years now...

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